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Peek materials in the automobile manufacturing industry use

PEEK machining parts: used in the manufacture of the bearing components of raw materials largely determine the performance and reliability of rolling bearing. In order to meet the automotive field is extremely demanding applications need, engineers in the deep groove ball bearing design began to use the PEEK processing of polymer material with high performance.

   The holder not only by the friction force, tension and moment of inertia effects of mechanical stress, but also need to accept certain lubricants, additives or its aging products, organic solvents or coolant produced by chemical action. Such matters relative influence degree may be subject to other working parameters, including temperature, impact load, vibration or such factors and other conditions such as the combination of. Therefore, for the cage as well as the performance of bearing's reliability, design and materials are in the position to play a decisive role. This is why engineers to develop PEEK based processing of polymeric material retainer models, and for the automotive industry with the highest requirements for design.

   Polymeric material holder is characterized by strength and elasticity to be perfect combination. Polymeric materials in lubrication of steel surface exhibits a good sliding performance, and rolling elements contacts the retainer surface has excellent smoothness, the two jointly created a very low friction, thus enabling the heating of the bearing and the abrasion is kept to a minimum. The low density of the material means holder low inertia. Even in the absence of lubricant conditions, polymeric material holder also has excellent running performance, therefore, the bearing of continuous work time will not be jammed and two times the risk of injury.

   The majority of injection molded retainer material is used by PA66( polyamide6,6). Polymeric material strength and elasticity and other mechanical properties with temperature, the working conditions will produce a permanent change, called aging. During the aging process, polymer where the temperature, time and the contact media ( lubricant ) are crucial factors. Apparently, the holder 's life with the temperature and the erosion of lubricant decreases. Some medium erosion sex is extremely strong, makes the use of glass fiber reinforced polyamide6,6holder made of not in +70 C or above working temperature. A typical example is the use of ammonia as refrigerant compressor.

   It is for this reason, the Engineer in its cage in the widespread use of glass fiber reinforced poly ether ether ketone ( PEEK ), in order to satisfy the high speed, high temperature or chemical erosion has strict requirements of AC generator or transformer applications. PEEK pieces of processing performance is be not of the common sort, because of its outstanding strength and toughness, wide working temperature range, high resistance to chemical corrosion and wear resistance and easy processing of the perfect combination. And not only so, up to +200 C temperature, the material did not show due to temperature and lubricating oil additives cause signs of aging. By virtue of these distinctive characteristics, PEEK machining parts holder is completely suitable for ball and roller bearings ( such as mixing or high precision bearing ) and some custom car bearing type.