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Poly ether ether ketone ( PEEK ) utilization prospect

Polyether ether ketone ( polyether ether ketone, peek resin ) is composed of 4,4' - two fluoro two benzophenone and hydroquinone in alkali metal carbonate deposit and I, with two phenyl sulfone solvent condensation reaction system was a new type of semi crystalline aromatic nasal spray group of thermoplastic engineering plastics. It is a high temperature thermoplastic plastic, has a high glass transition temperature (143 ) and the melting point (334 ), a load heat distortion temperature up to 316(30% glass fiber or carbon fiber strengthening brand ), in 250use for a long time, and other high-temperature resistance plastics such as pi, PPS, PTFE, PPO compared with the temperature limit, beyond the beyond about 50 ; peek resin not only heat resistance than other high temperature resistant plastic quality, and has the advantages of high strength, high modulus, high fracture toughness and good size invariance; peek resin at high temperature to maintain a higher strength, which in 200 flexural strength of24MPa left and right sides, at 250 flexural strength and contraction strength still have 12~13mpa; peek resin rigidity bigger, better size invariance, linear expansion coefficient is small, very close to the metal aluminum materials; has excellent chemical resistance, on the general chemicals, only concentrated sulfuric acid can melt or crushing it, its corrosion resistance and nickel nearby, the fire retardant, flame at the premise of smoke and toxic gases released less, strong ability of resisting radiation; peek resin has good toughness, good for alternating stress resistance Decadence is all plastic materials the superior, can be comparable with alloy material; peek resin has a convex tribological characteristics, resistance to sliding wear and fretting wear performance is superior, especially at 250 keep high wear resistance and low friction coefficient; peek resin easy extrusion and molding, excellent processing performance, molding high effectiveness. In addition, peek also has good lubricity, easy processing, insulation resistance, hydrolysis resistance and other excellent function unchanged, in the aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronic and electrical, medical and food processing category has wide application, development uses foreground is very vast.

    In aerospace applications, peek resin can replace aluminium and other metal materials and manufacture of various types of aircraft parts, the excellent flame retardant performance, can be used for the manufacture of aircraft interior components, to landing aircraft generate fire risk degree.

    In electronics, peek resin has good electrical performance, is the ideal electrical insulator, at high temperature and high pressure, and high humidity and other harsh working environment under the premise, can still maintain good electrical insulation. Based on electronic and electrical appliances category gradually become the peek resin second new year's Eve by category. Because peek resin with high purity, chemical and mechanical performance is steady, which makes the processing of silicon wafers in the process of obtaining land pollution. Peek resin in a large temperature range is not deformed, with its construction of the parts can withstand heat welding processing of high temperature environment. According to this characteristic, in the semiconductor industry, peek resin is often used to manufacture the wafer bearing device, electronic insulating film and all kinds of connecting device, also can be used for chip bearing films ( wafer carriers ) insulating film, a printed circuit board connector, connectors, high temperature. In addition, peek resin can also be used to g/l level ultrapure water transport, storage equipment, such as piping, valves, pumps and volume etc. Now, Japan and other countries of the super large scale integrated circuit production has been in the use of PEEK resin materials.

    In medical terms, peek resin except for the production of sterilization requirements higher, need a few times the operation and use of dental equipment and the construction of some close medical instrument, the most important use is can substitute for metal constructed artificial bone. Construction of artificial bone by peek resin except with light, non-toxic, strong corrosion resistance equal points, or plastic material. And the human skeleton closest to the material, and the body of organic union, so use peek resin instead of metal manufacturing human skeleton in the medical field is a very important use, having profound significance and value, its potential utilization prospects will be very gratifying.

    In the fuel sources of electricity, peek resin with high temperature resistance, and not easily hydrolyzed, and radiation resistance, so its construction of the electric wire and cable coil skeleton and has been successfully used in nuclear power station.

    In the oil prospecting and mining industry, can be used in the manufacture of mining machinery special geometrical size of the probe touches.

    In the mechanical industry, peek resin is often used to construct tightening machine valves, piston rings, seals and various types of chemical pump body, valve parts. The resin instead of stainless steel construction of vortex pump impeller, can significantly down wear level and noise level, prolong its service life. In addition, because peek resin suitable tube group of workpiece material specifications, at high temperatures can utilize various types of adhesives for bonding, so modern connector will be another potential advantage of market.

    In the automotive and other industries, the manipulation of PEEK resin excellent friction resistance function and mechanical function, can be used as metal stainless steel and titanium substitute used in the manufacture of engine hood, automotive bearings, gaskets, seals, clutch gear ring and other parts, the other can also be used in automotive transmission, brakes and air-conditioning system. At present the Boeing aircraft, AMD, NISSAN, NEC, sharp, Chrysler, GM, Audi, Airbus Company has started a large amount by using this kind of material; in the paint, the peek resin fine powder coating is covered on the metal profiles, can be obtained with good insulation, strong corrosion resistance, heat resistance, water resistance of the metal powder peek body painting product, use extensively at chemical corrosion, household appliances, electronics, machinery and other fields. In addition, peek resin can be used for manufacturing liquid chromatography analyzer with packed column and connected with the tube.

    In order to satisfy the high precision, heat resistance, abrasion resistance and impact resistance, the decadence of spare parts requirements, on peek resin blending, filling, fiber composite reinforcing modification treatment, can obtain performance is more superior to peek or peek plastic alloy composite material. As of PEEK and polyether ketone blend can be obtained with a particular melting point and specific glass temperature of the composite material, the material forming processing function was improved; peek and polyethersulfone blend of posterior composite with outstanding mechanical properties at the same time, and make the flame retardant were improved; in peek in special phenolic resin made of materials with special anti friction function; peek and PTFE blends made of composite material, in keeping the peek of the high strength, high hardness at the same time, also has raised abrasion resistance, can be used for manufacturing sliding bearing, sealing ring and mechanical parts; peek with carbon fiber and glass fiber and other fibers modified strengthening,. High performance composite materials, Fiber Reinforced PEEK composite material having excellent creep resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance and shock resistance performance of. In the peek in carbon fiber or glass fiber, but also on the eve of the new year increase in tensile and flexural strength; in the peek in whisker material, can improve the hardness of the material, rigidity and size invariance, used in the manufacture of large petrochemical production line of hydrogen compressor and oil gas compressor, annular plate valve films such as. With inorganic nanometer material to enhance the modified PEEK composite material, is the set of organic resin and high performance inorganic nanoparticles in many features in a new type of composite material, it can be significantly modified peek resin impact resistance and friction resistance function, while increasing the peek rigidity and size invariance, to further expand the scope of the use of PEEK resin.