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Special engineering plastics -PEEK

Polyether ether ketone ( Polyether Ether Ketone, PEEK resin ) is composed of 4,4' - two fluoro two benzophenone and hydroquinone in the presence of an alkali metal carbonate, with two phenyl sulfone solvent condensation reaction system was a new type of semi crystalline aromatic thermoplastic engineering plastics. It is a high temperature thermoplastic plastic, having higher glass transition temperature (143 ¡æ) and the melting point (334 ¡æ), a load heat distortion temperature up to 316¡æ(30% glass fiber or carbon fiber reinforced grades ), in 250¡æfor long-term use, and other high-temperature resistance plastics such as PI, PPS, PTFE, PPO, use the temperature high of nearly 50¡æ; PEEK resin not only heat resistance than other high temperature resistant plastic is excellent, and has the advantages of high strength, high modulus, high fracture toughness and excellent dimensional stability; PEEK resin at high temperature to maintain a higher strength, which in200 ¡æbending strength about 24MPa, at 250 ¡æbending strength and compression strength are 12¡« 13MPa; PEEK resin 's rigidity, good dimensional stability, linear expansion coefficient is small, very close to the metal aluminum materials; has excellent chemical resistance, in the ordinary chemical drugs, only concentrated sulfuric acid can dissolve or destroy it, its corrosion resistance and nickel are similar, but its flame retardancy, under fire conditions release smoke and poisonous gas is less, strong ability of resisting radiation; PEEK resin has good toughness, to the excellent resistance to fatigue alternating stress Is all the plastic in the superior, can be comparable with alloy material; PEEK resin with outstanding tribological properties, resistance to sliding wear and fretting wear performance, especially in 250¡ækeep high wear resistance and low friction coefficient; PEEK resin easy extrusion and injection molding, processing performance, forming high efficiency. In addition, PEEK also has good lubricity, easy processing, insulation stability, hydrolysis resistance and other excellent performance, in the aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronic and electrical, medical and food processing and other fields has a broad application, development and utilization prospects.

    PEEK is present in every industry 's most demanding applications has been the most widely applied, mainly in the following aspects:

    A: the textile industry: coping with textile machinery high speed, lubrication and corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance requirements, PEEK successfully replaced the existing ceramic, metal and all kinds of ordinary plastic parts of textile machinery, and has excellent performance, reliability, higher productivity. Air jet loom, such as wear-resistant self-lubricating wear-resistant sleeve valve, high-temperature wear-resistant block, track plate, oil free shuttle, blade wheel.

    Two: electronic semiconductor industry: PEEK has superior electrical properties, makes it an excellent electrical insulating materials, in very broad temperature, pressure and frequency fluctuation range, long-term stable work. With high temperature characteristics can make parts of welding process high temperature tolerance. Manual sliding parts, LCD loading box, Bush, gear and the cylinder, has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and low outgassing, the wafer chuck, IC test socket and CMP ring and other products form received success application.

    Three: chemical machinery: chemical industry, high temperature corrosion and continuous operation characteristics requirements of high performance PEEK parts such as bearings, gears, meningeal insulation block, large high pressure ball valve seat, valve, pressure machine has been widely used.

    Four: medical devices: the medical field in high reliability, high temperature wear resistance tolerance with repeated disinfection of seepage control and high strength requirements, PEEK provides the safe material guarantee, such as dental drill bearings, dental syringe handle, human joint, Department of orthopedics, fixation, hemodialysis injection for equipment

    Five : the automobile industry : PEEK has high wear resistance, high strength, low friction coefficient, high and low temperature resistance and resistance to cars of various liquid medium chemical invasion ability, has become the manufacture of high performance application products of high-grade materials transport. According to the British PEEK materials firm ICI statistics, European car most new car models have44parts adopt PEEK material, and can significantly improve the performance of.

    Six: Food and tobacco packaging machinery: Food and tobacco packaging machine of high speed, no oil lubrication, on human security requirements, makes the PEEK material in packaging machinery of key equipment of the key part played a role can not be replaced. Such as abrasion resistant plug, bushings, die box, wear-resistant slide block and a buffer block.