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What is PEEK materials

 Poly ether ether ketone ( PEEK ) resin is a kind of high performance engineering plastics, and other special engineering plastics has many significant advantages, high temperature resistance, excellent mechanical properties, good self-lubricating, chemical corrosion, flame retardant, high peeling resistance, radiation resistance, insulation resistance stability, hydrolysis resistance and easy processing, in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronic and electrical, medical and food processing and other fields are widely used.

    The wide application of PEEK resin with excellent performance of the earliest in the field of aerospace applications, instead of aluminum and other metal materials of various aircraft parts. Automobile industry because PEEK resin has good abrasion resistance and mechanical properties, as in the engine cover manufacturing raw materials, manufactured by the bearings, gaskets, seals, a clutch gear ring and other parts in the automobile transmission, brakes and air-conditioning system is widely used in the.

    PEEK resin is an ideal electrical insulator in high temperature, high pressure, high humidity and poor working conditions, can still maintain good electrical insulating properties, so the electronic information field to become PEEK resin second applications, manufacturing conveyor ultrapure water pipes, valves and pumps, in the semiconductor industry, used to produce wafers the bearing device, electronic insulating film and all connected devices. As a kind of semi crystalline engineering plastics, PEEK is not soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid almost all of the solvent, which is often used for making compressor valves, piston rings, seals and various chemical pump body, valve parts.

    In134 PEEK resin can also be subjected to as much as 3000 times the circulating pressure sterilization, this property so that it can be used in the production of sterilization requires high, required repeated use of the operation and dental equipment. PEEK not only has the advantages of light weight, non-toxic, corrosion resistance and other advantages, is the current and the human skeleton closest to the material, and the organic combination of body, so use PEEK resin instead of metal manufacturing human skeleton in the medical field is another important application. Development of domestic production of fast PEEK resin is nineteen seventies end by British ICI company development, since its inception, has always been as a kind of important strategic defense and military materials, many countries have restricted exports.