SINCE 1977

Professional manufacturer of air compressor parts from china
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    The scene to guide the installation of various compressor accessories Services   

    Inspection analysis of compressor operation condition, provide maintenance proposals 

    The analysis of compressor fault, assist in providing effective solutions   

    Product repair services 

    Packing box, valve, piston, piston rod and repair services, in order to turn material resources to good account   

    Repair agreement signed with users, greatly saving compressor repair costs   

    Training services

    Reciprocating compressor   

    Valve, packing and other main wearing parts of the work principle   

    Common failure analysis and solution   

    A variety of wearing parts maintenance   


    Factory tour

    The existing staff of more than 100 people, more than 6000 square meters standard workshop, size and special equipment more than 90 Taiwan, with machining, heat treatment, engineering plastic temperature processing, assembly more than a dozen workshops,

    Factory tour